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With a total investment of 50 million R.M.B., Anhui BaytacareHealth Data Co., Ltd.takes the advantage of Baytasatellite technology to build big health data, and provide health management service as its core business, informationzing the health management service industry, developing smart health care, and establishing the big health data center of Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Group.

Description of Project:

The age of big data is another subversive industrial revolution after cloud computing and Internet of Things. The ultimate goal of “big data” is to manage and decide scientifically. The development of big health care field can’t leave the support of big data. The health big data will save one’s data for a lifelong time. For one’s birth, his/her data model will be built. The “wearable devices” or otherintelligent terminals will continue collecting physical health data, analyzing and processing data. All these data will access to hospital, insurance company, community, school and company etc.

Based on”Bayta plus Big Health Data ”, the business model ofBaytacare, Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Group choose Anhui as pilot province. With the establishment of smart education and smart elder care system, the group aim to provide better service to the elder and children. Baytacare and its series products combine the needs of children’s safety, study, health and the elder’s health and care, setting up the interactive products for the children and parents, the elder and family, and providing the third party’s operation & management service. All these deeds will popularize the concept of big health to the ordinary families.

The concept of big health will help enhance the public health literacy. The public will be under scientific health guidance and they will consume correctly.

Big healthrevolves around the core of people’s expectation, letting people ”Live great. Live long. Less sick. Better Life. Less pain. ”

Big health advocates healthy lifestyle. Not only to treat diseases, but also to prevent diseases. Big health will help people improve their physical fitness, ease pain, and manage their health well. Big Health will also help people turn their way from exhausting health, fighting against diseases to caring health and preventing diseases.

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