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As a medical and health data services company, our core culture is innovation, responsibility, sustainable development. We insist innovation throughout every stage of development, from product innovation, service innovation, to management innovation. We pursue excellence. We have a sense of responsibility to employees, caring the employees’ career development. We create healthy and pleasant working environment for our employees.We also have a sense of responsibility to the customers. We provide quality products and service to the customers, improving their quality of life and sense of security. We have a sense of responsibility tothe society. We care for vulnerable groups, and we pay attention to public welfare projects. We fully make use of the advantages of a medical health enterprises to service people. We run enterprise with a sense of responsibility. This is our most important responsibility. Insisting on sustainable development, enhancing the enterprise operation ability, pursuing the technology and product innovation to improve enterprise's core competitiveness, we pursue sustainable business growth and profit growth, and we value more the enterprise’s continued viability.

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