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Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (the Company) is located in High Tech Industrial Development District in Jilin, China. In June 2000, Jilin Province Economic System Reform Commission approved the change of the company from Jilin Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jilin Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd. to Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd according to law. On 8 February 2002, Northeast Tiger successfully listed on Hong Kong's Growth Enterprise Market (GEM), stock code 08197.

In January 2016, as approved by the Shareholders' Meeting of the Company, Mr. Wang Shaoyan was appointed as the Chairman of the Board and Ms. Cui Bingyan as the General Manager, and formed a new management team to improve the company's operations. The old company's main business is medicine manufacturing and processing, traditional medical equipment manufacturing and trading. In April 2016, the company and Anhui Pharmaceutical (Group) Company Limited entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, which marked the company entered into a comprehensive strategic transformation stage. The main business objective has been transfered to big data as core of the health management business from the traditional medicine.

The JV Company established by the company and Zhonghe Beidou on 28 November 2016, basing on respective bilateral industrial competitive advantages, commits to the realization of medical technology and big data convergence, developing and construct intelligent medical and health management services and establishing Beidou healthy big data.

The company currently has three wholly-owned subsidiaries and one holding subsidiary.

Branch subsidiary:

Hong Kong Branch, found on 1st February 2002, is registered in Flat/Room 2002, 20/F., Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central ,Hong Kong .

Beijing Branch, founded on 19 July 2016, is registered in Room 812, Block B, 38 Xueqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

Wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Antu Northeast Tiger Emerging Products Co., Ltd. , founded on 2nd September 2010, is registered in Fuman Street, Antu County, Jilin province.

Northeast Tiger Business Co., Ltd., founded on 27 August 2010, is registered in No.3, No. 2 Hi Tech District, Jilin, Jilin Province.

Northeast Tiger Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., founded on 27 August 2010, is

Holding subsidiary:

Tianjin Zhonghesheng International Trade Co., Ltd., found on 12 May 2016, registered in No.17 Guda street, Jinbin Industrial Park, Wuqing District, Tianjin.

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